Finding Your True Career Calling – Part 2 – Finding Who You Are!

Who am I? how many of us have asked ourselves this question? We all need to understand what makes us happy, what are our priorities, what is our forte and what are we best at doing. To give you a personal example, all the years of my corporate life, I always wanted to do a desk job like an operations or a service role and whenever I went for an interview or looked out for new opportunities I got selected for either Front End or Sales Roles. This made me feel very unhappy and I remember having an intense conversation with one of my ex boss about a role that was available in operations and she just wouldn’t give me an opportunity to try it. She always said that I wasn’t suitable for the role. It created questions in my mind as to why do they feel that I am not capable of managing that role. But now when I look back I realise that yes I was not a good fit when it comes to an operations role. By nature, I am a very social person. I need people around me. I have qualities of mixing up with any group, making friends and socialising Having interactive sessions makes me happy. I have a natural Knack of convincing people about a certain situation, person, product or place that I am sure of. So in short after much introspection about myself, I know today that all those who interviewed me in the past or put me in a front end role or thought I was suitable for a sales position were absolutely correct. I successfully run 5 Salons in Mumbai and cater to more than one 2500 clients per month. So as I say please find out your strengths, take feedback from people who matter you, do what you are best at doing and be successful in life.


Finding Your True Career Calling – Part 1

It is not of any relevance that I talk about the achievements of my life in this blog if it fails to inspire you to do better in life or to teach the importance of common practices we sometimes fail to implement in order to realize our true potential.
We come from a background which teaches us to no to follow our instincts and rely more on tried and tested formulas in a career. The way our education system worked, it is sometimes disheartening to see many talents being wasted in doing things which they do not enjoy or are passionate about. It becomes the responsibility of the parents of a child, studying in school, or the individual himself, trying to make a successful career, to realize talents he or she has been blessed with. This self-contemplation about the one’s natural likings and passions should be done with a willingness to accept what one is not good at. This open-minded approach of accepting your flaws along with the strengths gives you a space of self-awareness to explore your capabilities and take things forward from there. It is very important to make informed decisions, taking into account the current scenarios and demands of the industry or profession you chose for yourself. But, it is equally important to do what you feel brings out the best in you. My personal experiences, which I will share in my next blog, about exploring operations before switching to sales proved to me that it is ok not to get it right in the first attempt. One has to keep exploring with a steady mind, honest approach and willingness to work hard in order to realize one’s true calling.
It is my wish that everybody gets to do what they like doing and what brings out the best in them. Hope this brings about a positive change in the approach of people who are finding it difficult in deciding what career option would be best for them. I look forward to sharing more such experiences in the future. All the very best from my side to all of you!

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Decide What Is Good For Your Child’s Future!

Good marks or confidence to face the world, What would you choose for your child? Any one of them or both? Ask yourself a question and you will have the answer and the question would be what has really helped you. Well, having the confidence to face the world in whatever circumstance is what the future generation should strive to get. Application of academics in daily life is much more important than just securing marks. Do we ask our kids to study to secure marks or to understand the subject, build interest in that subject and apply the subject into their daily life. Most of us even today want to see marks only on the paper to satisfy our own selfish needs to feel proud of having a child who is brilliant even if the same child can’t talk 10 words in a group of 10 people. Are we for ever going to be subjects to this rat race or are we going to get the future generation to change the outlook and move forward as global citizens is the important question. Global citizens hold a lot of responsibility than just marks or securing admission in an A grade college. Schools must strive to create confident global citizens. Yes some of the students will be brilliant in academics too and will surely find a place for themselves in A grade schools and universities which will never stop, however schools and parents have to strive to make a place for all those students who are average in academics in various other positions globally which don’t just come by academics but self confidence and self introspection of what they are best at. The day each child of the country will know exactly what they are good at and passionate about, will be the day when we can say we are successful as parents and have a great education system in the country. Let’s make a promise to ourselves today to just consider marks to be a tool for us to know if the child has understood the topic or not. According to me less marks just indicate that the topic needs to be re done and is no measurement to decide if the child is going to be successful or not in future. In fact scoring the best all the time could create overconfidence which again could make one complacent. Let’s learn confidence to face the complex world and focus on the better aspects of life. I personally have been an average student all throughout my school and college life and am doing extremely well for myself. Quiet honestly, marks are an indication of just how much you know and how much more you could know and that’s it. let’s not use it to kill the confidence of a growing child.
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How Life Teaches Us, Change Is The Only Constant!

Life changes every moment and we all hear that change is the only constant. Let’s embrace each change that comes in life, making short term plans and goals is the key to being successful. You get things the way you like and then suddenly something beyond your imagination bumps you off. Not everyone you meet will stay with you for a lifetime. You will grow up and learn new things you would have never imagine to learn otherwise. Life plays lots of games with you and sometimes you feel that you are about to give it up. Adaptability to change in life and it’s circumstances will give you peace, the spirit to fight and happiness. Remember from now on that change is the only constant and let go of all that needs to change.

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A Blog Full Of Questions For Mothers!

Are we really responsible mothers? Have we really given it a thought? Do we really practice what we preach? Do we really avoid junk food when kids are around? Do we avoid aerated drinks when kids are with us? Do we avoid watching TV or being on our mobile phones while eating? Do we really speak to all our elders with respect and love? Do we fight when kids are around? Do we back answer in front of our children? Do we keep our own things clean? Do we make an effort to be perfect everywhere? How do we then expect them to be perfect. We could argue that there is an age for everything, But there is no age or excuse to not be respectful, clean, avoid junk for good health. So young mother’s if you don’t practise what you preach, avoid having expectations from the next generation as they will replicate all that you do. Observe you and just replicate. So if you want to bring in a change, change yourself first!

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Foundation Is More Than Just Makeup!

We always hear that wearing make up could have adverse effects on your skin, well according to a recent study Dr. Phillip Artemi says and I quote “make up is your second defense against those environmental aging effects”. While sunscreens do a lot, they don’t do enough and shouldnt be relied on solely for Skin health”. A little Make up like a soft BB ( beauty balm) or a CC ( colour correcting cream ) can actually protect your skin by giving it a layer. It can reduce the risk of skin cancer, premature aging and also air pollution! Wearing basic make up for skin care is the key going forward, Personal favourite being Lakme 9 to 5 keeps my skin protected.

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Birthday Blog!

Yesterday was my birthday and I complete 37 years of my life. Obviously in these 37 years I have made wonderful friends and I have been fortunate to have a wonderful family by my side. All of them did make my birthday very very special. But what did I do for myself? I decided to celebrate it to the fullest and have a birthday week this time. I shopped for myself till I felt satisfied, well this time I gave budgets a miss. I decided to feel good about myself. Made decisions about how fit I want to see myself in the coming year. By fit I don’t mean “thin”, I mean Fit! decided to let go of the past and smile for the future. I decided to ignore things I don’t like and cheer-up, moreover I decided to spend lot of time with my family this year. So I did end up making a few birthday resolutions. I wish you guys make yourself a few too on your birthdays and do those little things which make you happy. Look after yourself, You come on top of your list. If we can manage to keep ourselves happy when we are alone, we have conquered the world!

Make Cleansing Of The Face A Ritual!

Cleansing of the face is a very important ritual to follow to keep your face Blemish free and healthy. Do not forget to cleanse your face before going to bed.

My personal favorite is the Cetaphil Cleanser!

Take few drops of Cetaphil on your palm. Rub it on all sides of the face gently. Take a cotton ball and wipe off all the dirt on the face before you go to sleep. You could also try Honey Drops as a natural Cleanser. Few drops of honey and then washing the face with warm water can be a great natural way of cleaning the face.

But Cetaphil is my personal choice. Cetaphil cleansing lotion is a non-soap and liquid free lotion that allows gentle and through cleansing without the irritation associated with harsh soaps and cleansers. Cetaphil cleansing lotion is fragrance free and non comedogenic. It has emollient properties, which leave the cleansed skin soft and supple. It is easily available in all leading stores.

Please note – If you are getting treated by any dermatologist ,please consult the doctor prior to using the product.

How Businesses Support businesses!!!!

How businesses support businesses!

Basil Salon started 6 years ago, as a single outlet in Versova, Andheri – Mumbai. We started in a 350 sq foot space with just three hair chairs and 2 beauty rooms. By some spurt of luck on the day of the opening ceremony, our next door salon which has been a reputed brand had Vidya Balan visit them for a shoot. The vans, the cameras and the body guards following her along with the decor of our salon had the crowd believing her to be visiting us. We didn’t try to correct the misconception. It gave us instant publicity. I want to put it on records that we do owe the overwhelming response and business we got during those first couple of months in our salon to Vidya Balan. However, this initial thunder suddenly died within the 3rd & 4th months. This gave us sleepless nights. We racked our brains on coming up with new business strategies but all to no avail. This was at a time when the neighborhood had more than 40 established salons, the strategy needed to be a breakthrough. Then one day, an executive from a company called Group On, better known as knocked at our door. Little did we realize then, that this was going to be our 2nd stroke of luck. We were asked to make Hair and Beauty deals that would be put online. It was a profit/price sharing partnership. We had exhausted every possible offline, local marketing strategies. We knew we needed an online presence- this was an unchartered territory and so we went ahead. As days and weeks passed, our outlet was running to full capacity, we were getting more clients than what we could cater to, in a day. It was a Game Changer. As Groupon grew in popularity, we grew too. We were no longer limited to any geography. We were attracting customers from across Mumbai. Today we have grown to 5 outlets and our partnership with Nearbuy .com has grown stronger with each outlet, with Nearbuy accounting for at least 10%-15% of business in each of those outlets. This has been a classic case of interdependence, of businesses supporting other businesses. I would like to congratulate Ankur Warikoo for creating a progressive online platform and having a committed team to execute it. Kudos to you!!

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